UHF Long Range Reader

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          Product Introduction

          Product Name: UHF900Mhz/2.4Ghz Long Range Reader

          Product Type: BU-900M-K  BU-900M-W



          Product Features

          1. Stable reading range is up to 10 meters. (passive card)

          2. Can read both 900MHz EPC GEN2 passive tag and 2.4GHz active tag (Hybrid reading)

          3. Only a reader (BU-900M-K) and a barrier can form a standalone parking system

          4. TCP/IP based, easy for communication and installation


          Product Specification

          900Mhz Reading Range Stable reading range 10 meters, 6 meters width
          2.4Ghz Reading Range 3-12 meters(adjustable), 7-8 meters width
          Reading Mode Trigger/Constant
          Compatible 900Mhz card EPC GEN2
          Operation Frequency   920.5MHZ~924.5MHZ
          Interface TCP/IP & RS485
          Power Supply DC 12V/5A
          Working Temperature   -25℃~70℃
          IP Rate IP45(Rain-proof)
          Dimension   460×260×110mm
          Weight 3 KG(bracket is not included)